Sept 17th, 2022 (Sat Only)
Triple Creek Park / Gallatin, TN


2 pool games + single elimination

 Pool play results will seed teams in championship bracket play


The entry fee for this event is FREE. We will be taking up a gate at the event and it is $10 per person.

We will follow USSSA rules. Teams will need to have their rosters online before the event starts. If teams do not have USSSA insurance, teams must email a copy of their insurance to before their first game.


  • W/L Record

  • Head to Head

  • Runs Allowed

  • Run differential (8 Runs Max)

  • USSSA Points

GAME TIME/RUN RULE: All game times will be 60 minutes finish the inning. The mercy rule will be in effect (12/3, 10/4, 8/5). No tie breaker will be played in pool play. In bracket play international tie breaker will be played until the championship game where we will play the following:

1st Inning: International Tie Breaker (0 Outs, runner at second base)

2nd Inning: Kamikaze (1 out, runner at third base)

3rd Inning: Hurricane (2 outs, bases loaded, 3-2 count on the batter.

If we are still tied after the 3rd Inning, we will continue to use the Hurricane tie breaker.


PRE GAME INFO: Home team will be the official scorekeeper. Home team will be decided by coin flip in pool play and the higher seeded team will have the option in bracket play.

PROTEST INFO: Protest fee is $200 cash and is refundable if upheld by the tournament director or UIC. All protests must be made prior to the next pitch.

GAME BALLS: Will be furnished by the teams in pool play and the tournament in bracket play.

ROSTERS: All players must be on your USSSA roster before your first game or you are subject to forfeiture.

GUEST PLAYERS: If you are picking up players from another USSSA team, this must be done online by logging into your USSSA account.

BIRTH CERTIFICATES: Must be on hand at the event in case another team protests the age of one of your players.

REFUND POLICY: Please click HERE for our refund policy.

The tournament director reserves the right to reschedule, delay start times or cancel games if conditions warrant it. 


ENTRY: $0 

GATE: $10 Per Person